Hello Amigo

Software Engineer | June 2019 - Present

My primary responsibility is to work on client updates for websites using Ruby on Rails. However, I've also spent a lot of time adding features to our custom content management system onwhich all of our websites are built.

I've also worked on two mobile apps, one of which I took the lead on from the very beginning. I've written some automation tools in Python to keep our websites up-to-date without a fuss, and have dockerized some of our really old webites.

Hello Amigo

Web Developer Intern | June 2018 - August 2018

My primary responsibilities were to work on client updates for websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. My two biggest projects that I worked on were a payment portal for a preschool, and an event tracker (and a new website) for the Women's Fund of El Paso.

Technical Skills



Stuff I've Built

Python Code Challenger (LeetCode Clone)

This website, called OBCode, was made for a loved one who decided to switch her major to Computer Science. She began learning Python, and I thought it would be fun to build an app for her to practice her coding skills. The catch is that every problem on the site is related to her two pets in some way. It's supposed to be a cute and funny intro to programming.

Django React Redux Python

Survey Tool (Survey Monkey Clone)

Rosewood Info is a website I built for a high school, because they needed a custom surveying solution that wasn't offered with commercial services, such as Survey Monkey. The special functionality they needed was authorized surveys, so that users couldn't resubmit multiple forms

Ruby on Rails jQuery Bootstrap Chart.js


TimeSort is a startup at Columbia University. We're trying to increase efficiency in planning your schedule as a student by automating when course related tasks should be worked on. TimeSort works around your existing schedule, and schedules tasks with a priority depending on deadlines, estimated time to complete the task, and other criteria.

Ruby On Rails Stimulus.js C++

MyFeels App

MyFeels is an app that serves as a mental health resource for teenagers. It was one of my projects at Hello Amigo that I took the lead on, and programmed the app, the api, and the content management system where the app owners can change what content shows up on the app.

React Native Redux Ruby on Rails